Ever wondered what separates the professionals from the amateurs when it comes to decorating? Well using the right tools, choosing the right paint, having the right clothing and proper preparation are just some of the things that make a difference between amateurs and professionals.

If you’ve ever watched a professional decorator at work you’ll have noticed that they spend a lot of time on preparation, in fact the actual bulk painting only takes up a fraction of their time. This is because professionals understand the importance of preparation and that by spending the extra time needed means they’ll get a better finish and also be able to paint the room faster.


From filling holes and preparing the surface to cutting in and masking off areas, a decorator will use a range of techniques to help get a room ready for painting. As well as this they will also use a variety of tools and supplies to properly prepare the room from sanding abrasives and filling knives  to masking tapes and all-purpose filler.


You might just think that grabbing any old clothes is the best option when it comes time to decorate but for the best results you should always choose clothing that’s made for the job. Painters bib and brace overalls and boiler-suits are designed to be comfortable to wear, unrestrictive and not get in the way while painting. Not only will you look the part in our decorator’s workwear but you’ll also feel the part.


Another thing that separates the professionals from DIY enthusiasts is the use of trade quality painting products. Products such as paint scuttles are able to hold huge amounts of paint and our 12 – 15 inch rollers will mean you can get the paint on the walls even faster. Other products that professionals swear by include extension poles which are great for high walls and ceilings and paint kettles which mean you don’t have to carry a full tub of paint around with you.

Anyone that has spent any time painting will know that it is a very repetitive task and one that takes skill and practice. And while Joe public may be happy to go down to their local hardware store to get a cheap set of paint brushes you’d never see a professional taking this approach. And while a professional paint brush will cost more the difference in comfort and performance really is worth the extra cost.

Unlike cheap brushes a good quality brush will be good for many painting projects if it is looked after correctly. Another benefit is that they give consistent performance and won’t lose their bristles, a necessity when it comes to glossing woodwork.

Armed with the right equipment you can help transform your painting and decorating and make the transition from DIY enthusiast to professional. Of course you still need to put the time, hard work and practice in but using the right tools will help you on your journey to success.